About Rabea from The Insight Body

Foto: Moritz Holst

I am Yin Yoga & Qi Gong instructor and CAM Practioner (Classical Homoeopathy & Herbalism). After having lived many years abroad I am currently working and teaching in the North of Germany.

For more than 10 years I have been following my passion to learn about and work with the body and the mind.

I integrate a number of deeply supporting approaches into my work as a therapist and teacher like: Somatic experiencing by Peter Levine, The Polyvagal Theory by Stephen Porges, Non Violent Communication by Marshal B. Rosenberg, Radical Honesty by Brad Blanton, the Inner Child work by John Bradshaw or Dr.Magaret Paul or Fritz Perls‘ Gestalttherapy.

I studied Yin Yoga with wellknown teachers like Sarah Powers (USA), Paul Grilley (USA) and Bernie Clark (Canada) and have completed my 330 hours certified teacher training course.

During my training as a CAM practitioner I also studied Traditional Chinese Medicine for 3 years and spent almost 10 years studying and practicing Qi Gong in Germany, Scotland, Thailand and China.
In my work as an international teacher and CAM practitioner I focuse on „illnesses” like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, lyme disease and chronic pain issues.

For more info about me and my work contact & check out the following:
On my Website under about me and Trainings & Qualifications: http://www.qiyinfusion.wordpress.com

Or on Facebook: Qi Yinfusion